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Free Fieldbus segment calculator software released for new Fieldbus Barrier

2010 09 13
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A free software calculator tool models the behaviour of MTL’s 9370-FB Series Fieldbus Barriers, and provides a rapid “Go/No-Go” indication of the electrical characteristics of the fieldbus network. All the relevant parameters of the fieldbus segment are easily configurable, including field device currents, cable lengths, cable cross-section and number of fieldbus spurs. Power supply and host control system types are easily selectable from pull-down menus, or can be user-defined.

The calculator uses a spreadsheet-based platform and does not require any executable programme files to be installed on the user’s machine – avoiding the need for special permissions or administrator rights. Parameters can be easily copied and pasted into other software applications or printed as a permanent record of the segment characteristics.

NOTE: Macros must be enabled for the tool to operate.

to download the 9370-FB Fieldbus Segment Calculator