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Fieldbus diagnostics module gets Enhanced EDDL

2010 05 21
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Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL) technology is used by major manufacturers to describe the information that is accessible in HART, FOUNDATION fieldbusTM and Profibus digital devices. Electronic device descriptions are available for over 15 million devices that are currently installed in the process industry. The technology is used by the major process control systems and maintenance tool suppliers to support device diagnostics and calibration.

Support of enhanced EDDL technology by the on-line diagnostic module and the fieldbus control system make it easy to manage commissioning and maintenance of fieldbus segments. The F809F enhanced EDDL provides a simple display of the status of each fieldbus segment, a more detailed view of the parameters together with any alerts for the instrument technician and an advanced user view with configuration options.

EDDL is the leading international standard for device integration and is defined in IEC 61804-3 standard. The EDDL standard enables device management software and handheld communicators to display device information so that technicians can setup and commission a device, calibrate, perform diagnostics and troubleshooting, and other device management tasks.

To meet end users requirements for clear standardised diagnostic alerts, the F809F enhanced EDDL is designed to comply with NAMUR NE107 Self-Monitoring and Diagnosis of Field Devices specification. The NAMUR specification provides four categorises for diagnostic alerts from field devices:

• out of specification
• function check
• failure

The F809F enhanced EDDL displays the appropriate NAMUR NE107 symbol, providing a summary of status for the system and 8 segment transducer blocks on the home page. Additionally a summary of status is displayed on each segment or device page and alerts are indicated with the appropriate NAMUR NE107 symbol.

e-eddl screen  shot

The tree view shows the system and segment data. To simplify the user interface, only devices that have been connected to a fieldbus segment are included in the segment tree.

The default alert limits for the F809F are based on the fieldbus specification. The F809F enhanced EDDL provides an alarm optimisation wizard which sets pre-alert limits closer to the actual value. The pre alerts are categorised as maintenance required and alerts are categorised as out of specification.

Hovering the mouse over a parameter reveals tooltips providing further information and for active alarms recommends corrective action to be taken.

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