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A partner poised to

meet your biogas

monitoring needs

EATON Crouse-Hinds series MTL products

MTL biogas monitoring


Surge protection

Surges and spikes from nearby lightning strikes and high

voltage cables can destroy or disrupt unprotected electronic

equipment. Induced surges and transient voltages can destroy

or, perhaps more worryingly, render inaccurate sensitive control

and measurement instruments. Advanced MTL surge protection

devices safeguard all types of electric and electronic equipment

from destructive high voltage transients and feature rapid

operation, accurate voltage control and automatic resetting once

the over-voltage has ceased.

Intrinsically safe interfaces

With over forty years experience in the development of world

leading intrinsic safety (IS) interfaces for hazardous areas, our

zener barriers, galvanic isolators and integrated IS help prevent

explosions in hazardous environments. With DIN-rail mounting

or backplane integration, Eaton have an interface solution for

safeguarding hazardous area signals without compromising

modern design practices.