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EATON Crouse-Hinds series MTL products

MTL biogas monitoring



G1010 oxygen analyser

has numerous applications in safe or hazardous

area biogas processes requiring the precise measurement of oxygen down to

0.01% v/v.

Oxygen is measured to detect potential explosive gas conditions and anaerobic

activity in biogas processes. This proven long life ‘E’ type oxygen cell has a

working life of up to 5 years and is used in all biogas applications. The unique

design of this sensor means it is compatible with many of the mildly acidic gases

found in biogas without any detriment to its accuracy or working life.

A remote sensor option is available which is supplied in an IP65 enclosure,

complete with flowmeter and flow control valve. Where sensor cable lengths

are an issue, a loop powered IS transmitter can also be included in the

remote enclosure.

For hazardous area applications, the sensor may be mounted remotely in the

hazardous area, safely interfaced via an MTL zener barrier or galvanic isolator to

the electronics unit in the safe area. Alternatively, the G1010 electronics can be

mounted in the hazardous area by supplying the unit in an optional Ex d enclosure.


Oxygen Analyser

Long life oxygen sensor

Hazardous area versions

Remote sensor option

Proven sensing technology

Typical Applications:

Anaerobic digester plants

Biogas purification


Engine generators


Flare stack monitoring

Your plant performance

Our measurement solution