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EATON Crouse-Hinds series MTL products

MTL biogas monitoring


A leader in reliability, efficiency and safety

Eaton designs, manufacturers and supplies world leading solutions for

harsh, hazardous and industrial environments, as part of its Crouse-Hinds

series portfolio.

Distinguished by its global network of offices and manufacturing sites,

our engineers and professionals are accessible where you are, providing

experience and expertise to help solve your challenges. Eaton’s MTL

product range can provide a necessary solution to ensure the safety and

success of your business.

Your plant efficiency and safety is our business

With over 30 years of application experience, our installed base includes

supplied equipment used in digester gas analysis, landfill gas monitoring,

CDM verification, gas-to-grid, CHP engine protection and efficiency and

flare stack monitoring.

Eaton’s MTL Biogas range of application specific solutions are designed

exclusively for purpose, making them quick and easy to specify, reducing

installation and start-up costs, optimising plant productivity and increasing

plant availability.