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EATON Crouse-Hinds series MTL products

MTL biogas monitoring


Helps achieve optimum plant efficiency

Low cost of ownership

Easy installation and commissioning

Typical Applications:

Digester gas analysis

Landfill gas monitoring

CDM verification


CHP engine protection and efficiency

Flare stack monitoring

The new

MTL GIR6000 Biogas Analyser


the ideal instrument for biogas applications.

Where the measurement of methane



), carbon dioxide (CO


), oxygen (O


) and

hydrogen sulphide (H


S) have implications

on both the efficiency and safe working of

biogas processes. Dedicated modules for

up to 6 gases are available for use in Zone

2 hazardous area applications. Other trace

elements are often also present and may

need measurement.

Methane is the desired component in

fuel gas for CHP engines or burners by

using the measurements from the MTL

GIR6000. NDIR sensors are used to

measure methane and carbon dioxide.

These are sensors specially designed to

withstand the damp, corrosive atmosphere

often found in these applications.

Oxygen is an important process

indicator in digester gas where a high

reading may indicate a decrease in

microbial activity due to poisoning or

overloading. For this application, special

long-life electrochemical cell designed

for use in the presence of acidic gases,

e.g. carbon dioxide are used.

Hydrogen sulphide is present in

digester gas in varying amounts

depending on the waste composition.

Hydrogen sulphide is highly toxic and

can be extremely corrosive to engine

generator sets. Accurate monitoring

can prevent costly damage. Eaton have

developed a system which allows for

continuous measurement of H


S. Even

at 2000ppm H


S, good sensor lifetime

can still be achieved.

Modular sensor design is an innovative

feature of the MTL GIR6000.

Self-diagnostics on each sensor

inform the user if a sensor needs

attention, minimising regular service

and maintenance requirements.

Replacement is quick and done on-site,

without special tools or training and the

modules are pre-configured to allow

“plug-and-play” installation. All

modules are replaceable in the field

minimising downtime.

These are hazardous area applications

by their very nature. All MTL GIR6000

versions are designed for use in Zone 2

hazardous areas according to the Industry

Code of Practice ESA ICoP Edition 2, a

decision endorsed by the Health & Safety

Executive in the UK.