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Nitrogen Purity (N2)

Gaseous nitrogen has a wide variety of industrial applications and more nitrogen is used industrially than any other gas. Nitrogen is commonly thought of as an inert gas and it is the non-reactive properties of nitrogen that make it so highly valued especially for gas blanketing applications. Nitrogen is also used in a broad range of industries, including chemi-pharma and oil and gas to metal refining and fabrication processes.

However, nitrogen is a difficult and expensive gas to measure. Therefore, an alternative solution is to measure the level of impurities, which is an accepted method for measurement of N2 purity. The MTL katharometer (thermal conductivity) range of analysers are ideal for measuring the amount of N2 present in binary or pseudo-binary gas mixtures, whilst our range of galvanic (G range) or zirconia (Z range) oxygen analysers are well suited to measure residual oxygen for nitrogen purity applications

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