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In today’s process industries there are increasing demands for greater efficiency, higher reliability and lower cost of ownership of field equipment and supporting networks. We offer full end to end or part solutions to meet the requirements of your project.

From plant-wide 802.11 network infrastructure in hazardous areas to simple sensor signal cable replacement, we bring the experience and the products to realise robust and secure wireless systems. Our wireless technology supports industry standard connections and protocols which maximizes the flexibility of your system while reducing inventory and installation costs.

To help you make your product choice, we have included below a product selector in which you can choose to view product by their application.

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Displaying products in MTL Industrial Wireless

Hazardous Area 802.11

Our intrinsically safe (I.S.) wireless solutions provide completely safe wireless operation in hazardous areas.

Wireless Accessories

We offer a high quality range of antennas, cabling and surge equipment.

905U-1,2,3,4 Wireless I/O

The 905U and 805U simply and reliably communicate transducer and switch data by providing a…

245U-E Access point

The 245U-E enables Ethernet and serial device connectivity over an 802.11 wireless connection for network…

905U-D/805U-D Wireless Serial Data Modem

The 905U-D and 805U-D serial modems provide remote serial connectivity.

455U-D Wireless Serial Data Modem

The 455U-D serial modem is ideal for long range SCADA applications.

115S I/O Interface

The 115SS range of wireless I/O multiplexers provide an interface to MTL wireless networks for…

915U-2 Wireless Mesh Networking I/O & Gateway

The 915U-2 wireless mesh networking I/O and gateway is a multiple I/O node that extends…

945U-E and 805U-E Wireless High-Speed, Long-Range Ethernet Modem

The 945U-E and 805U-E Wireless Ethernet Modems are robust, license free wireless transceivers capable of…

105U-L I/O Count Transmitter and Receiver Pair

The ELPRO 105U-L-T (Transmitter) and 105U-L-R (Receiver) products feature a small I/O count, one-way and…