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Hydrogen Analysers (H2)

Hydrogen is the most abundant chemical element in the universe and many industries and applications require hydrogen gas measurement to meet safety, regulatory, and process control requirements.

Since hydrogen has the highest thermal-conductivity value of all gases, our range of katharometer (thermal conductivity) analysers are ideal for measuring the amount of H2 that is present in a gas.

Please view the product information for our hydrogen analyser range using the links below. If you are unable to find an appropriate product, or require assistance please contact our specialist team on +44 16 98 90 72 62 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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K1550 - Hydrogen, Helium, Argon and Xenon Gas Analyzer (Panel Mount)

The ATEX certified K1550 accurately measures the changes of one gas constituent in gas mixtures…

K1650 - Hydrogen Purity Monitor for Power Station Alternator and Turbines Purge (Panel Mount)

The ATEX certified K1650 measures all gas stages in hydrogen cooled turbines and alternators used…

K & KG6050 - Single or Dual Gas Analyser to measure Hydrogen, Helium and Argon

The K & KG6050 measures oxygen (O2) and any one of the following gases (…

KK650 - Hydrogen and Chlorine Gas Analyser for Chlor-Alkali Plants (Wall Mount)

The KK650 is designed to meet the challenges of measuring chlorine and hydrogen in all…

K6050AP - Hydrogen Purity Monitor for Power Station Alternator and Turbines Purge (Transportable)

The K6050AP analyser has been designed specifically for use in power stations.