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8000 Software

The 8455 software is one of the methods for configuring Profibus and Modbus Bus Interface Modules (BIMs) in an MTL Process I/O™ node. It runs on a PC, under the familiar WindowsTM operating system. The PC can be linked to the BIM using either a local cable link or via a secondary LAN connection, where available. The BIM is the interface between the I/O modules and the host controller, and must be configured to permit correct operation. The BIM needs to be told the identity of each I/O module fitted and values of relevent parameters. Parameters must also be defined for LAN communication with the host controller.

  • Windows™ Explorer - style interface
  • Used to configure Bus Interface Modules
  • Local or remote configuration via LAN
  • Dynamic viewing of real-time data
  • Single project file for mulitple nodes
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8455-SW-CF   MTL8000 Configuration Software Datasheet 
8459-EB-MT   Workbench - EBIM Datasheet